Starting a week-long water-only fast

by gldnspud on August 27, 2007

I've waited too long since the last time I posted here, so I might as well write something about the week ahead of me.

As of about 25 hours ago, I started a water-only fast, using the same techniques that my wife used earlier this year. (For those who read that link -- yes, we're married now. That's how much I've been neglecting my blog!)

The primary reason for doing this fast is to attempt to slow down some annoying tooth decay that I simply do not have money to have a professional deal with. Too many years of drinking Mountain Dew and smoking cigarettes has taken its toll, and even though I've corrected my ways, my teeth are sadly in a state of slow decline.

The secondary reason (a very close second) is that I've wanted to do this for a while now for general health improvement and supercharging, and since I had complained about my teeth recently, my wife asked, "Why don't you try fasting?", to which I responded, "Well, why the heck not, I suppose!"

Now, here I am, 25 hours after my last meal. Over approximately the last year, my eating philosophy has been "whole-foods, plant-based" and my diet has followed that not quite strictly, but very closely. On top of that, over the last two weeks I've been ingesting berries, EFA-containing foods, and green leafy vegetables in even larger amounts to stockpile essential nutrients within my body.

So far, I'm managing pretty well to not get jealous of the rest of the family as they continue eating. I'm drinking a lot of water, and when you drink a lot of water, your body needs to rid itself of a lot of water. :-)

As my body still hasn't turned off its digestive system and switched its metabolism from eating-mode to fasting-mode, I'm feeling as well as a generally healthy individual could expect to feel after not eating for an entire day.

The next several days should be interesting indeed. Now, time for me to lay down with a good book and rest some more...

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TC February 23, 2008 at 9:30 am

Hello I read your piece and just started my 5 day water only fast too. I have read alot about fasting and am really excited about the benefits of fasting. I am also reading and contemplating on Veganisim. I am tired of feeling sluggish and tired from being bloated on the Typical American Diet. I really do love every vegetable I have ever put in my mouth, I just need to learn different ways of cooking.If you or your wife know of any good information on the right way to turn Vegan, and how to cook and live that way, well I sure could use some of that kind of material. And I would sure appreciate anything you could tell me on that subject.Thank’s and have a good fast.,Here is to our health. TC…Thanks again :-)

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