Trying out new boxes

by gldnspud on October 22, 2007

This week, I'm taking some time to step outside of the Schevo box, and take a look at some other boxes. A few things are tools that I've used in the past but want to brush up with. Some are tools that I've read about, but would like to follow a tutorial or two for so I can get a feel for how they work.

I'm not making definite plans to get through all of these this week, but I'm also not going to do things sequentially. For instance, I would like to explore both Eclipse and PyDEV when I work with anything Python related, such as Django.

  • Ruby: There seems to be a fair amount of cross-over between Python and Ruby as far as what the languages are capable of.
    • Ruby on Rails: I might as well see what all the hype was about.
    • QtRuby: Learning to use a new programming language in terms of a familiar GUI toolkit seems like a good idea.
    • wxRuby: Another familiar GUI toolkit, with a thin layer of Ruby on top.
  • Python: My favorite programming language for five years and running.
    • Django: Like Ruby on Rails, I would like to familiarize myself with this.
    • TurboGears: I've used TurboGears for some production apps. It's been a while since I've used the latest version, so I'd like to brush up.
    • Pylons: I've also used Pylons, but would like to familiarize myself with the newest release.
    • wxPython: I was exposed to this GUI toolkit before any others for Python, and although I haven't used it recently, the project continues to accumulate polish and helpful new features. It may be a candidate for a new widget kit for Schevo.
  • Smalltalk, specifically Seaside: I want to either say "I get it!" and train myself to develop with Seaside, or to say "I get it!" and look for or help implement similar features in other languages.
  • Java: One of the big elephants in the room. I don't think one must to know Java to succeed, but people are doing useful things with it, so it would behoove me to learn it.
    • GWT: The Google Web Toolkit is one of the reasons I want to learn Java.
  • IDEs: I am a GNU Emacs user. I am not a hardcore user. I know my way around its editor, I enjoy the Python and reStructuredText modes, and it's available on many platforms. I'm not dogmatically loyal to it though, so I'd like to see what I'm missing.
    • Eclipse: I've tried a little bit before, but I haven't used it end-to-end to realize everything from the beginning of a new project to the generation of a deployable package.
    • Aptana: From what I gather, this is an add-on for Eclipse that automates some web development tasks.
    • PyDEV: This provides Python support for Eclipse, so naturally, I'd like to use this in my routine this week.

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