Schevo ticket triage

by gldnspud on April 13, 2009

At US PyCon 2009 a couple of weeks ago, I was pleased to see some interest in Schevo. One of the problems I'm conquering is how to describe Schevo in one or two sentences.

One idea that has been on my mind is this: "Schevo is an object-relationship database."

A few months ago while I was in Houston, I described it to Walker Hale, and got another tagline: "Schevo contains the soul of your app".

Tonight, I'm having a lot of fun doing some triage with the Trac tickets at In the works is a relicensing of the project, a copyright transfer, and a 3.1 release. I have renewed vigor in maintaining and promoting Schevo to those people who may benefit from it. :)

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